Cellulite Removal


If there’s one beauty bother that unites women, it’s the battle against cellulite. Contrary to popular belief, women of all shapes and sizes fall foul of the orange-peel effect.  

There’s nothing worse than working hard for a killer bikini body, only to find that youre still plagued with the skin dimples which typically invade our bums and thighs.  

But don’t reach for your kaftan just yet, there are ways to tackle it. We’ve found three skin-saving solutions to blast that stubborn cellulite for good. 

1. bliss – fatgirlslim (£28.60) http://www.blissworld.co.uk/ 

The magic ingredients in this product are the encapsulated caffeine molecules which energize the skin, boost circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. 

2. Soap and glory – Sit Tight Intense XS Special Super Strength Body Firming Serum (£16.50) www.soapandglory.com 

Working 9-5? This product is targeted specifically at those of us who spend all day at our desks. The bottle has a built in roller so massage in for bottom boosting results whilst you work! 

3. Nip and fab – Cellulite fix (£18.25) www.nipandfab.com 

Destroy dimples with this light gel formula. Caffeine improves skin tone and texture whilst indian forskolin works on the appearance of skin with its firming and lifting effect.