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Diet – a great way to lose weight.

It is not the best and not the safest way. In the world there is simply no such a diet, which would give a hundred percent guarantee of weight loss and do not cause harm to the body. Most often leads to a restricted diet intake of nutrients and vitamins. And as a rule, lost weight during a diet to type on its end, and maybe more. Diets lead to a rather dismal results: upset stomach, and a variety of diseases of the digestive system, liver, kidneys, and cause heart problems and psychological problems (depression, stress) can cause serious disease – anorexia.
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Meat – it is harmful.

Debate about whether it is useful or harmful meat seems to never end. One has only to meat lovers to say that without the use of this product people can not fully exist, as they immediately retort vegetarians claim that meat – the main cause of almost all our illnesses. Which side to stand on this issue? The fact remains – the meat firmly holds one of the main components of the diet of modern man. But what kind of meat you eat and drink it at all – it’s up to you. Scientists say that the animal is going through a huge fear of being killed and his blood gets a huge amount of the hormone adrenaline, which is subsequently absorbed into the meat. In connection with the distribution of this statement is becoming more popular kosher meat – meat from animals which did not hurt during life and of death have not experienced stress, lowers the utility of the product. All kosher products are several levels of quality control and are guaranteed to contain no harmful additives.

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Semis – it’s convenient, safe and fast.

Indeed, this is a quick way to fill the stomach, to avoid hunger. But again, we turn to the appointment of food – development of the cells, the delivery of nutrients. energy supply. Semis, unequivocally, do not allow any of these functions. Next, it should be clarified that the semi-finished products (frozen food long storage) can be cooked alone – the same way you would at least protect yourself from a variety of ingredients that contribute to long-term storage of the product, which you can eat on a par with the original product, buying it in the store.
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Why do we eat?

Indeed, in recent years because of the variety of food products and their availability, we do not eat in order to be satisfied, and to enjoy and improve mood. Meanwhile, the food we eat should be used for development and constant renewal of cells and tissues, is the main source of energy necessary for the performance of physical and mental stress. Keep in mind that food determines the growth and physical development, his ability to work, the incidence of, the mental state and even life expectancy.
Every day, our body must come enough protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Note that this value should be OK, no more and no less necessary.
Stressful pace of modern life does not allow us to observe the basic rules of supply, not load up for the night, for example.
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How can I stop the habit and often drink a lot?

Keep in mind that excessive use of water is harmful. Many people drink large amounts and often just because of the bad habits.

Be aware that excessive drinking increases sweating and exhausting the body. In the heat and obey reasonable measure water consumption. With strong sweating periodically rinse mouth and throat with water – it helps to reduce the craving.

Note that drunk water can not immediately reduce hunger, as its absorption and entry into the blood and tissues of the body begins approximately 10-15 minutes.

Cultivate the habit of refraining from frequent and heavy drinking: then after a while the sensation of thirst will appear less often.

Quench your thirst gradually drinking 10-20 minutes a few sips of water.

Use of opportunity to quench the thirst of mineral or lightly salted water. Drinking water with a number of mineral salts, you enrich tissue salts, helping them to retain the right amount of water.

Try not to drink tap water, especially from shallow wells, rivers, ponds and lakes.
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How to provide for themselves complete proteins?

Do not forget that proteins are the most valuable, it is an indispensable part of the diet. How would you rebuilt your diet, never significantly reduces the need for your body’s protein.

Remember that an adult needs an average of 100 grams of protein per day, half of which falls to the share of animal products.

Try to match each meal less valuable vegetable protein (bread, corn porridge) to proteins of animal origin (milk, cream, cheese, meat, fish, eggs). Value of protein depends on the content of essential amino acids.

Combine products that provide well-understood protein: milk and meat products from cereal and cereal, for example, buckwheat porridge with milk, bread and milk or yogurt, as well as dishes that combine the milk and cereals: cereal milk and cereal soups, dairy noodles pastry with cheese, flour and meat, meatballs with pasta, etc.
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What is the temperature of food is most favorable for the body?

Temperature food can be divided into hot and cold. But what the temperature is most favorable for the body? The systematic use too hot or too chilled foods contributes to inflammation of the stomach lining. Food is above 65-70 ° can cause burns to mucous, while at the same time, the cooled fat soup or warm hash usually do not cause appetite. Numerous observations can be assumed that the temperature of hot food and drinks to better support from 50 to 60 °.

Sharp cold drinks and ice cream on a hot summer day, certainly enjoyable. Often, however, and a lot of very cold water to drink and have a lot of ice cream is bad. They are poorly quench thirst, but at the same time contribute to the emergence of colds and the good functioning glands of the digestive tract. The optimum temperature of so-called cold food should not be less than 8-10 °.
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Preservation of vitamins

To reduce the loss of nutrients and vitamins during processing of vegetables and fruits, you need to comply with certain conditions. First of all, you need to be fresh. They quickly fade with prolonged exposure to the light, even at normal room temperature, which decreases the amount of vitamin C and A. Therefore, until the consumption of vegetables and fruits should be stored in a cool, dark place. Sunlight destroys vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.

Clean, wash and cut vegetables and fruit should be just before serving. They are washed intact, nenarezannymi to not lose the nutrients, salts, and vitamins that are soluble in water. Do not keep them cut, as in this case, most of the surface in contact with the oxygen in the air, destroying vitamins A and C.

Raw peeled potatoes, if held in the open day, losing 20% ​​of it contains vitamin C, and standing for only 30 minutes to cut, it loses 40% of the vitamin.

Keep cut vegetables and fruit in the water to not blackened, is also not recommended – it leads to the loss of water-soluble vitamins B1, B2 and C. If they still have to keep in the water, it should not last more than 20 minutes, and the water in which they were, it would be good to use for making soup or gravy, because it contains a significant amount of the dissolved salts and vitamins.

When cooking (even during 2 – 3 hours) vitamin A and B vitamins are not destroyed. But vitamin C is very sensitive to heat, and especially at 40 – 60 ° C. To reduce its loss, fruits and vegetables dipped in boiling water or in prepared dishes, where the heat is removed oxygen is destructive to most vitamins.

Peeled and sliced ​​vegetables dipped in boiling water, food or oil immediately, but in parts, not to stop the brewing process. They should not boil or very strongly, no more needed time. They are boiled in salted or sweetened water, which is better preserved their nutrients, and they are pleasant to the taste. The larger the cut vegetables and fruit, the less vitamins lost during cooking.

The vessel in which they are cooked, tightly closed lid, filled to the top, to reduce access of oxygen. During the meal, it should not get in the way, and if necessary, lightly shake along with the vessel.

The water in which vegetables are boiled, not thrown, and is used to make soup or another dish, as it contains dissolved mineral salts and vitamins.

Vegetables and fruits are more likely to retain they contain vitamin C, if their steam.

Vegetable dishes are not heated, as they lose with all they contain vitamin C. Taking this into account, they should prepare as much as you at one time. Vitamins are completely lost, and if the dish was on the hot oven for three hours.

When cooking soups and stewed sour vitamins fully preserved. To save the vitamin C from the destructive action of the air in the preparation of raw salads, vegetables, cut just before serving, and immediately pour vinegar or lemon juice and vegetable oil. Acid preserves vitamins.

When cooking dishes should not be put in baking soda or baking powder (chemical baking powder), because alkaline water destroys vitamins.

Boiled “in uniform” potato keeps the vitamins than peeled or sliced.

Fried in lots of butter potatoes keeps the vitamins, rather than fried in a small amount of fat or cookies in the oven. Mashed potato is prepared quickly and just before serving, as it rapidly destroys vitamin C.

When cooking in products dyeing and flavors are easily destroyed and disappear, food becomes tasteless. If the products before use a little fry (fry) in fat, these substances are stored, and the dish is delicious. But should avoid prolonged, over high heat cooking, because in this case the fat oxidized and form harmful to the body, which sometimes cause the stomach and intestinal inflammation, etc.

Correctly onions, spices (different roots), peppers and tomatoes before they put it in prepared dishes, lightly fry in such a degree that they contain water completely evaporated, and oil temperature reached just over 100 ° C. So basically no vegetables are fried, but just stew. When violations in the body and in diseases of the digestive system should generally avoid any browning vegetables.

Cut fruits and vegetables should be on special boards sharp knives in stainless steel.

To prepare the vegetables and fruit juice rubbed on a glass or plastic grater, squeeze pressure of stainless steel, as contact with the iron destroys vitamin C, a shortage of which the body is very sensitive.

It is best to prepare vitaminoznuyu food in glass, porcelain and stainless steel cookware, and enamel and aluminum.

Vegetables and fruits are not cooked in a pot with a broken enamelling and vytershimsya tinned coating.
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How many people need food?

The energy needs of the body are provided primarily carbohydrates and fats. Smaller role in this process proteins. Now let’s look at the basic information about each group of food substances.


The main and almost sole function of carbohydrates is to supply the body with energy. They give the body to 50-60 percent of calories, on average, 56 per cent, but at the same time can be replaced by other sources of energy. Therefore, many scientists refer to the group of carbohydrates carriers “empty calories.”


Fat is a concentrate of energy and at the same time a number of suppliers for the body of essential substances, fatty acids, phospholipids n-soluble vitamins. They account for 25-35 percent of all energy in an average of 30 percent.


Proteins are the basic material for the construction of the human body. They are an indispensable part of the food. The biological value of the proteins depends on their constituent amino acids. In addition, proteins are biological catalysts – enzymes – and in these cases, they are often associated with vitamins and trace elements. The role of proteins in connection with energy is more modest – only 12-15 percent of all energy in an average of 13 – 14 percent.


Water – the primary medium in which flow all the biochemical reactions. Water makes up more than two-thirds of body weight.


Minerals are also involved in the construction of the human body: they provide the bone structure is maintained in the tissues of the body constant osmotic pressure and are regulators of many physiological processes.


Trace elements – essential food substances found in it in minute quantities. They act as regulators of metabolic reactions, as part of enzymes and hormones.


Vitamins are not synthesized in the body. However, they are essential for life as part of the original carriers of life – enzymes.

Dietary fibers

Dietary fibers are not digested by the body and are regulators of motor function of the intestine.

This means that on an average daily diet of an adult is 80-100 grams of protein should contain about 100 grams of fat and 400-500 grams of carbohydrates.

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Eat a healthy diet

The closer the product is to its natural state, the more benefits it will bring to you. Fresh fruits and berries are very useful, and in addition, can satisfy your need for sweets. Vegetables – the best suppliers of vitamins and minerals that increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Steamed vegetables retain their best nutritional value.

Take care to pasta and bread were made from whole grains. Avoid sweets and baked pies. Like cookies? Eat an apple pie – it will actually be good for you.

Buy lean meats and do not forget the fish. Our bodies are very useful fatty acids of the Omega-3 that lower cholesterol. They are found in ocean fish, so eating seafood two or three times a week – it will help you protect yourself from the effects of stress and ease depression. Please note that the fried fish and chicken are healthier products than roast venison and beef.

Vary your diet to get all the vitamins and minerals. Drink water, milk and 100% fruit and vegetable juices as the main beverage. Limit consumption of sugary soft drinks. If you think regular water tasteless, add the slice of lemon or lime to give it flavor. Water helps to lose weight, if you treat the issue with the mind. Full hydration is an important consideration in the issue of weight loss, because the fluid is required to display the body of metabolic products.

Junk food

• deep-fried foods
• Sweet drinks
• Lollipops
• Salty Snacks
• Sausages
• Fatty Snacks
• White bread and pasta
• Most canned foods
• Dumplings
• breakfast cereals with sugar
• Frozen fried chicken
• Fish (crab) sticks

Health food

• Green vegetables and yarkookrashennye
• Greens and Salads
• Algae
• Spinach
• Fresh fruits and berries
• Turkey meat and chicken
• Eggs
• Nuts and dried fruits
• White bread and pasta whole grain
• Sunflower oil, olive oil
• Ocean Fish, seafood
• Low-fat milk or soy milk drinks
• Nuts, seeds and legumes

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